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about fatima


Mission Statement of Fatima Hospital

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters established Fatima Hospital with the goal of carrying on the Catholic Church's traditional healing ministry in the spirit of Jesus Christ the Healer.

In order to improve the quality of life of all who we serve, we endeavor to provide compassionate health care for those who are suffering from illness and to help them find psychological, mental and spiritual stability and peace. In addition through the utilization of the best preventive and rehabilitation programs, we do our utmost to contribute to the well-being of all people.

We endeavor to enlighten people to the fact that illness, pain and death are enabled to experience the presence of God. We also strive to help patients and their families to realize that God is the Healer of all suffering and to instill in them the new hope of God's Kingdom and of human dignity.

We believe that each person has the basic right to necessary health care we pay special attention to the poor and the marginalized.

In our decisions and actions, we earnestly adhere to the Church's teaching on respect for the mystery and dignity of life.

In keeping with the admonition of St. Benedict, we not only "serve our sick brothers and sisters in imitation of Christ," but we also stress the promotion of fraternal solidarity with those who work with us in the healing ministry, and strive to build a Christian Community.

In the provision of high-standards of care and performance, we employ the necessary skills and knowledge and, through responsible management, we are committed to work towards the achievement of our goals. We will be stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We will provide fair compensation to our employees and those with whom we do business.