about fatima Parking Guide

about fatima

Parking Guide

  • - Opening Hours: 24 hours/ day
  • - Capacity: 700 vehicles

Parking Charges

- Fee
Day/Evening 800 won/ the first 30 minutes
300 won/ every 10 minutes after the first 30 minutes

Free Parking Policy

Fee Verification Method
INPATIENT Day of Admission,
(Until midnight)
Free of charge Only one car per patient registered at parking office on the first floor in Parking building.
Patient Guardian
(1 person)
2 hours free of charge/ 1day
Flat rate 15days 30,000 won
2,000 won
Outpatient Visiting 4 hours free The day medical fee receipts
Emergency (1 person) Free of charge Free ticket from ER
Funeral Services (Family, 3 persons) Free of charge Free ticket from funeral office
(Visitors) 1 hour free

Guardian of inpatient must register specifying one car at the parking office.