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Main Building

5F Department of Nursing, Nurse Class Room, Department of External Cooperation, TQM Team, Infection Control Team, Administrative Management Team, Business Strategy Division, Finance Team, Patient Experience Management Team
4F Kidney Center (Nephrology, Dialysis Room), Urology, Pain Clinic , Nerve system Laboratory, Clinical Psychology Laboratory, Nerve Electromyography Laboratory, Link Hall, Eden Hall
3F Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Women's health Center Orthopedic Surgery, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology , Psychiatry Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Foreigner Ward (Private Care Center)
2F Rheumatology, Allergy, Pediatrics( Physical examination room for infants and children, Vaccination room), Surgery and Pediatric Surgery,Dental implant center, Nuclear Medicine (Isotope Room, PET-CT), Colorectal Hernia Healing Center , Injection Room, Allergy laboratory, Respiratory Laboratory, 2F Reception desk, Medical Research Laboratory
1F Radiation & Oncology, Cancer Center (Hematology/ Oncology), Global Medical Business , International Medical Center, Health Concierge, Information, Food Court, Bakery, Convenience store, Coffee shops, Daegu Bank, Praying Room, Medical Shop, Opticians
B1 General Check-up (Korean Health Insurance holder)


East Building

8F 83rd Ward(871~881)
7F 73rd Ward(771~784)
Pediatric Rehabilitation Center( daytime ward , physical therapy)
6F 63rd Ward(671~681)
5F 53rd Ward(571~581)
4F Neurosurgery, Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
3F Ophthalmology, Gastrointestinal Center, Otorhinolaryngology(Audiometry room)
2F Endocrinology & Metabolic Disease(Nutrition Counseling Room), Cardiology, Pulmonary Medicine, Chest Surgery, Digestive Laboratory, Cardiac Laboratory, Medical Library, Fatima Garden
1F Patient Affairs Team, Reception(Admission and Discharge, Referral Center, Medical Certification, Medical Record, Combine Check Reservation, Industrial Disaster, Car Insurance), Blood Collection Room, Radiology, Patient Service Center, Infectious Disease, Information System Management Team, Social Welfare Team, Home Care Team, Pharmacy
B1 Plant Engineering & Environment Team, Institutional Review Board Office, Health Information Management Team, Clinical Trial Center, Maria Hall



West Building

11F Aseptic ward, Cord Blood Banks, Medical Office
10F 101st Ward(1001~1015), Comprehensive Nursing Care Service Ward
9F 91st Ward(901~914) 92nd Ward(931~945)
8F 81st Ward(801~814) 82nd Ward(831~843)
7F 71st Ward(701~713) 72nd Ward(731~743)
6F 61st Ward(601~912) 62nd Ward(631~644), Play Room
5F Internal Medicine Intensive Care Unit(ICU), Hospice and Palliative Care Ward(501~505) Central Supply Room
4F Operation Room, Recovery Room, Surgical intensive care unit
3FObstetrics and Gynecology, Delivery Room(Family room), Cord Blood Consultation Room, Nursery, Chapel, Chaplain’s Office , Newborn intensive care unit
2F Health Promotion Center, Laboratory Medicine(blood test room for children), Pathology,
1FEmergency Center, Department of Pharmacy
B1F Materials Management Team, Linen room, Department of Volunteer Service, Optimal Care Expense Management Team
B2F Dietary Team, Nutrition Counseling Room , staff restaurant.
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