international medical center Billing and Insurance

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Billing and Insurance

Korean National Health Insurance Holders

If you hold Korean National Health Insurance either by employee insurance or local insurance, you would be able to use it as Koreans do. Non-standard procedures are not covered by Korean National Health Insurance: MRIs/CT scans & ultrasounds, etc.

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Direct Billing Service (Cashless Service)

Tricare Prime Beneficiaries

When your PCM(an assigned primary care manager) at a military treatment facility refers you to us, we file claims on your behalf based on the authorization from International SOS, the overseas contractor. Care received without a referral is subject to point-of-service fees, which is your responsibility.

Insured members (With direct billing agreement)

We have contracts with the agencies (or assistance company) below.: INT'L SOS, Tricare (121), CIGNA, AFS, GAP
Make payments for outpatient & emergency services and proceed to file claim with your insurance for reimbursement. For planned hospitalization, please contact your insurance company to get a GOP (Guarantee of Payment) letter prior to your appointment.
If your insurance company does not have a contract with this hospital, you have to pay the bill by yourself first and claim back to your insurance company later.
For more information about private insurance, please contact IMC.


All inpatients are subject to deposit some part of your estimated amount of inpatient cost or have a guarantor for hospital bill.