health promotion center Process

health promotion center



01. Learn about Us

Please look over screening program and choose packages and Options you may want.

02. Reservation

  • On-line : Please click here    Click Here
  • Tel: Domestic (DEAGU) 053-940-7531 / INT. (+82-53) 940-7531 (Health Promotion Center)
  • Tel: Domestic (DEAGU) 053-940-7520 / INT. (+82-53) 940-7520 (IMC)
  • In-person: Daegu Fatima Hospital Health Promotion Center

If you need a language interpreter, please contact IMC

03. Filled out Pre-medical Examination form

Pre-medical Examination (Male)


Pre-medical Examination (Female)

Please bring the form on the screening day.

04. Read Information on Comprehensive Health

Please be sure to check BEFORE VISITING INSTRUCTIONS and follow the instructions.


01. Check In

  • Submit prepared materials (Pre-medical Examination, stool sample)
  • Fill out guidance of health check-up & consent form
  • Decide on the method of consultation of the results (In-person consultation, postal mail)
  • Make a payment for health examination (cash or credit card)

02. Changing Clothes

  • Change into a general exam gown or colonoscopy gown, and wear slippers
  • Receive a key for a private locker
  • Secure valuables and cash

03. Comprehensive Health Checkup

  • Proceed by following the instructions from the staff

04. Finishing the Examination

  • Change clothes and return the key
  • Receive post-exam instructions
  • Confirm the exam results consultation method and receive a parking ticket

05. Meal

Can be provided a meal or rice porridge depending on whether or not you will have endoscopic biopsy.

06. Leaving the hospital

  • Free parking
  • Instructions on safely going home

07. Consultation on the exam results

Normally takes 3~7 days for the results

If you would like to have a consultation earlier than this, you need to request specially and we can confirm you later depending on the matter of hospital.