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Medical Tourism (Process)

STEP 1 Learn about us

This website is designed to answer your questions about our hospital and our doctors as a healthcare destination. Find out WHO we are, WHERE we are, what SERVICES we provide, and what our hospital FACILITIES look like.

STEP 2 How to make an appointment

  • 1) Please go the "Appointment" page. Appointment
  • 2) After a discussion with our doctor regarding your medical history, we will send you the medical plan & estimate.
  • 3) Please confirm your appointment.
  • 4) We will send a confirmation letter to you.

STEP 3 Visa If you don’t need a visa, please go to the STEP 4.

How to Apply for a Medical Visa

Prepare patient’s documents. Please check the below necessary documents.
Apply for confirmation number for visa issuance to the immigration office.
Immigration office provides confirmation number for visa issuance to the hospital.
Hospital gives confirmation number to the patient.
The patient applies for a visa with the confirmation number in his/her own country’s Embassy.
After being issued a visa, the patient gives the information of a copy of visa and a flight schedule to hospital.
Confirm the date of appointment and enter South Korea.

Necessary documents for Visa

  • 1) Passport
  • 2) 1photo (3x4)
  • 3) Official proof of medical treatment requirement by healthcare provider(s)
  • 4) Financial documentation to prove affordability of expenses
  • 5) Copy of Certificate of Registration of inviting healthcare provider(or facilitator) Form of Medical Service Act, article 23 or 24
  • 6) (In case of accompanying guardian) Guardian’s copy of passport, guardian’s passport photo, family relation certificate (in English)
  • 7) Foreign patient’s home country address (in English)

STEP 4 Send your itinerary

  • 1) Please send us your Visa / passport & Air ticket.
  • 2) (If you want) Please send the option form for pick-up service, using for guest house, etc.

STEP 5 Map & Direction

Please check the page of Maps & Directions of our Website